CMMC Self-Assessment (SPRS) Support


Let's lock it down

Lock down your security gaps – but first – identify them.  SteelToad assists our clients with Supplier Performance Risk System (SPRS) self-assessments, and fixed-price CMMC gap assessments up to ML 4 for CMMC (level 4 -156 Security practices and level 3 -130 practices).  We provide clear action plans, defining the strengths and weaknesses in each security domain practice, to enable our clients to target specific areas for improvement, relative to the CMMC goals.  SteelToad offers fixed  price gap assessments and custom briefings based on your maturity level scope, to ensure you only pay for what you need. 

The CMMCAB: Be Ready

Be Ready for CMMC pre-assessments or consulting using (

CMMC certifications are not currently available by the CMMC-AB . However, according to the CMMC Accreditation Body: “…offering pre-assessments or consulting using the most current draft of the standard is acceptable and encouraged.” (

SteelToad Experience.

SteelToad has been a provider of CMMC gap assessments and self-assessment support since the CMMCAB released its draft standards.  Our team has a broad base of cyber security knowledge and best practices, with certifications in CISSP, CISA, CISM, ISO 270001 and CMMI data, service and development models. This experience makes us a valuable partner, particularly for the integration of CMMC with CMMI and ISO standards across a range of environments.  SteelToad has excellent references from our partners and CMMC clients.

SteelToad as your partner.

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