SteelToad helps our customer build cloud initiatives and manage the cloud adoption lifecycle including the cloud strategy, roadmap design migration and application modernization.

Agile Project Management 

SteelToad has experience and success in leading projects utilizing agile project management methods.  Agile methods promote adaptability within software development and design allowing collaboration and adjustments when needed as opposed to making modifications after the project is completed.   By defining and using iterations, which can be easily adjusted, an agile approach provides performance gains around each adjustment, maximizing flexibility and encouraging collaboration throughout the lifecycle of the project.  

Configuration Management 

Configuration management is a powerful and mandatory component for asset management in the cloud.  It provides better planning for incident resolution and changes, mitigates risks to the systems and ultimately improves capability and performance.  The process for configuration management is parallel to asset management and incident risk management and provides a process to enable effective processes for control and validation.

Change Management

When converting and modernizing systems to a cloud environment SteelToad can help prepare and execute an organization’s change management plan, the best practices for meeting requirements and modernizing the infrastructure by moving to the Cloud.  Change management refers to the overall policies, not just for the technical arena, but also for the stakeholders, and how the business actions are performed (and changed) as the organization moves toward a Cloud platform.  Change management is a broad term, however SteelToad can assist with clearly understanding the important and tangible steps needed for a successful transition to the cloud.