SteelToad helps organizations execute successful Data Operations on all systems within the organization.  Maturity of the practices within this category will increase the organization’s knowledge about its data assets, allow business users to identify the best sources to meet their needs, enable upstream suppliers and downstream consumers to map dependencies to anticipate the impact of changes, support data integration initiatives and build more accurate and efficient data stores. 

SteelToad assists organizations with Data Operations incorporating the following:

Clearly Defining the Data Requirement

Defining and establishing practices to ensure that specifications for data, used by a business process, satisfy business objectives, are validated by stakeholders, prioritized and well-documented through a repeatable process.  

Executing Data Lifecycle Management

Data Lifecycle Management assists an organization, to ensure that its data flows are well-mapped to business processes, through all lifecycle phases.

Determining Provider Management

Determining Provider Management for the organization describes best practices for data source selection and controlled, bidirectional interactions with internal and external providers.